TOP 7 – exercises on the buttocks for girls in the gym

TOP 7 – exercises on the buttocks for girls in the gym

Stretched and embossed buttocks for many athletes are a priority in training. Pumping these muscles is quite difficult, but if the goal is set, there is nothing impossible. The main thing is to be ready for serious and regular training. Persistent lessons after a month can get a good result.

Gluteal muscles are responsible for several important functions for the body:

  • fix the hip joints;
  • remove and rotate the hips;
  • allow the trunk to straighten;
  • make it possible to erect gait.

The physical form of this large muscle directly affects the condition of the musculoskeletal system. If the buttocks are tightened and inflated, the figure looks much more attractive, the state of health improves.

To make this muscle group more elastic and rounded, it is not enough just to visit the gym. It is necessary to concentrate on exercises that are aimed at working out the buttocks, and also allow to strengthen the back.

A set of exercises for the buttocks in the gym

To maximally effectively load the buttocks and get a quick result, you should focus on the most effective exercises for the buttocks, which affect this large muscle.


This exercise for many beginners seems quite simple, but the breakdown of technique in the first stages occurs even when performing the lightest movements. In order not to make mistakes, to begin to train better under the strict guidance of the coach. Particular attention should be paid to the correct arrangement of the feet, the performance of shallow squats, and also raising the trunk upwards not by the front part of the thighs, but by the tension of the gluteus muscles.

exercises for the buttocks

The number of squats should vary from 8 to 10 repetitions in each of 5 sets. Do an exercise at a given rate you need every two days. If you do everything correctly and do not shirk, the excess fat layer will quickly leave, and muscle mass, on the contrary, strengthen and grow.


The use of weighting always has a positive effect on training. The main thing is to properly handle the projectile. When the dumbbells are in their hands, the scapula is brought together, and the buttocks are pulled back, tilt, until there is a feeling that the muscles are stretched. Straightening should be done solely with the use of the buttocks.

The number of repeats in the thrust should be at least 10. Approaches need to be done 5, and include traction in your training program – twice a week. Exercise benefits only when doing it regularly.

Impacts with weighting agents

You can use dumbbells that are held in your hands, or a barbell on your shoulders. The choice of weighting is entirely due to the level of preparation. This exercise requires special attention to the posture, which is regulated by the head and shoulder girdle. Lunge is done with one foot, and the second is left in the original position. Lower the trunk down until the knee touches the floor surface, and the fixed foot does not form a right angle over the bend area. The load is held for several minutes, and then returns to its original position. When it is accepted, they repeat all movements, but now on another foot.

Flies with weights

Practically in every sports complex there are special simulators that allow to pump the flexors of the gluteus muscles. If such a device is not available, you can use an alternative option, which is to put weighting on your feet and then lower it to your knees.

Hands during the exercise rest on the floor. One leg is bent at right angles and lifted until the front thigh is parallel to the surface of the floor covering. The main emphasis is on making the leg pointing upward move like a push of a button with a heel.

Divorces of the legs in the sides

This exercise allows you to work both a small and a large gluteus muscle. It is performed on a special simulator, which is equipped with a support under the back. When the forward position of the trunk is fixed, the outer sides of the hips of both legs are pressed against the stop, and then they begin, with the effort, to push them aside. Reaching the maximum position, a little delay and return to the starting position.

Do need at least 4 sets, in each of which there must be 20 replays. Each cycle is performed without any pause. It is necessary to move extremely evenly. Jerk is unacceptable. Stress is created in those frequent bodies that require elaboration.

Reduction of legs with weights

To perform this exercise, you need a special simulator. It is slightly similar to the one used for breeding legs, but differs in purpose and area of ​​influence. Classes on it allow you to work leading femoral muscles.

Using both types of simulators helps to give the external part of the buttocks a rounded shape and elasticity. If you confine yourself to just one of the devices, this can lead to a disproportion. Therefore, it is necessary to work out conjugate sites, that is, perform both mixing and raising the legs.

Retracting the leg on the block

To carry out such a diversion, it is necessary to have at your disposal a block simulator and a handle-cuff with fastening. The latter is fixed on the foot. When the cuff is worn, they become sideways to the simulator. Slowly withdraw your foot to the side, holding the block. You can not help yourself with a pelvis, trunk or knee. When the retracted leg is at the extreme point, you need to fix this position for a while, and then slowly return it to its place. Do an exercise on 4 sets with 10 repetitions in each.

gluteal muscles

How correctly to carry out the exercise?

The following recommendations should be adhered to:

  • when they sit down on the simulator, straighten the back and straighten the thorax;
  • fix the accepted position, after which the inner parts of the thighs are placed on the emphasis, and the center of gravity is transferred to the bones of the seat;
  • legs are reduced by the force of the leading muscles, and when they reach the maximum possible position, they pause to create a contraction;
  • stand the voltage for a few seconds, and then slowly return to the starting position, but not by inertia, but by the trained muscle group;
  • without any interruptions, they immediately begin to do the next repetition and so on.

Each exercise is performed at least four sets, the number of repetitions in each must reach twenty.

Meals during classes

Without proper nutrition, maximum results can not be achieved. Stronger training is not the reason for refusing to monitor incoming calories. Success from employment is possible only when they do not eat fried, fatty, over-salted.

Kefir should be replaced with plain water, and the main emphasis in the diet should be on boiled or parboiled vegetables. In addition, it should be remembered that before any intensified training you can not eat at least an hour.

To get the best result from strength training, you need:

  • to eat in small portions;
  • to eat at the same time;
  • there are small portions to create a calorie deficit;
  • constantly make a variety in the menu.

A set of products that must be included in the diet, necessarily selected with regard to the individual characteristics of the body.

exercises for the buttocks in the hall


To become the owner of beautiful and tight buttocks, you need to try and lay out in the gym. The first sessions, of course, will not be easy, but gradually everything will return to normal and the exercises will be given much easier. The main thing is not to forget about nutrition, which should be moderate and correct.

It is much more difficult for women to train muscles. In men, endurance is much higher from nature and the body of the stronger half of humanity is more susceptible to drying, lifting weights and so on. But, if you really try and work on yourself, regularly visit the gym, the results will not take long.