Outdoor workout program for women | Bodyweight exercises

Outdoor workout program for women | Bodyweight exercises

What is good for girls training on the street?

Exercising in the fresh air not only helps to keep fit, but also brings tremendous health benefits. Cells are better saturated with oxygen than during training in the gym, which means that the metabolic processes in the body are much more vigorous. The result – increased brain activity, healthy complexion, excellent digestion and mood.

Regular sunbathing contributes to the synthesis of vitamin D, which is responsible for the strength of bones – this is another advantage of training outside. In addition, you do not need to spend money on the gym – you can do it at the stadium, in the park or even in your yard.

Female outdoor workout
Female outdoor workout

Basic principles of street workouts for women

Decide on goals: for losing weight you need one strategy, for building muscle mass – is completely different.

To lose weight, choose intensive exercises that keep your heart rate high. A great option for girls is a circular training session, which takes place cheerfully and cheerfully on the street. To build muscle in certain places, focus on strength work with enough rest between sets, and if possible, use weights (weights, expanders).

Before training, warm up well to prepare your joints, ligaments and heart for work. For “morale” you can take a player with you, but do not turn on the music too loudly – you should hear everything that is happening around you, as there is always the risk of unexpectedly meeting walking dogs, children on bicycles or just curious passersby outside.

If you practice intensively, give your body time to rest and exercise no more than 4 times a week. On the days between workouts, you can run, rollerblading or cycling, play tennis, swim or just walk.

Running outdoor
Running outdoor

What does a girl need to take with her to practice outside?

If you plan to practice on the sports field with a standard set of equipment, you do not need additional tools – the horizontal bar, bars and the wall of the Swedish are more than enough. The only thing that you really can’t do without at the training is a bottle with cool water. Being engaged in the sun, you will sweat much more intensely than in a fitness club equipped with air conditioners, and you need to replace fluid loss.

Do you want to somehow diversify your classes and make them more comprehensive? Take a rug, jump rope, expanders, loops TRX, weighting – all that you see fit. Do not forget about comfortable shock-absorbing shoes, reliable sports bra and headgear.

Outdoor fitness
Outdoor fitness

Outdoor training program for girls who want to lose weight

Day 1: Circuit training

Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds, there is no break between them. In total, you need to complete 5 laps, rest between the circles – no more than 2 minutes.

  • Running on the spot
  • Strap
  • Swing your feet forward
  • Squats

Day 2: Supersets

Supersets are two exercises that are performed alternately without interruption. In each superset, you need to make 4 sets. Rest between sets – up to 2 minutes.

  • Jumping through a series of obstacles (tires, arches, “hemp”) + bar (40-60 seconds)
  • Lifting the legs hanging on the bar + squats (10 repetitions)
  • Tilts forward on one leg + hyperextension (15 repetitions)
  • Shuttle run (2 intervals) + twisting lying (15-20 repetitions)

Day 3

Exercises are performed in the usual manner and at an average pace. Rest between sets is no more than a minute.

  • Alternate tightening of the knees to the chest in the rest lying, 4×15-20 (on each side)
  • Lunges in step, 4×10 (on each leg)
  • Push ups, 4×12-15 (if it is hard to push up from the ground, put your hands on a support up to half your height)
  • Horizontal pull-ups, 4×12-15
  • Lifting the legs in the neck, 4×10-15
Warming up before workout
Warming up before workout

Training on the street for girls: a program for pumping muscles

All exercises are performed at a moderate pace with strict adherence to technology. Rest between sets – 1-2 minutes, between exercises – 3-4 minutes. If possible, use the burden.

Day 1

  • Wide leg squats, 4×12-15
  • Hyperextension, 4×15-20
  • Pull-ups, 4×8-12 (if you find it difficult to pull up on a horizontal bar, jump to the crossbar and perform a negative phase of movement, dropping as slowly as possible – with time you will become stronger and gradually be able to pull up fully)
  • Reverse pushups, 4×10-12 (if you can not pushups on the bars, do the exercise on another support, putting your feet on the ground or on the dais)
  • Twisting on the bars, 4×15-20

Day 2

  • Bulgarian split squats, 4×10-12 (for each leg)
  • Tilts forward on one leg, 4×10-12
  • Buttock bridge on one leg, 4×12-15
  • Pushups, 4×8-12
  • Lifting the legs hanging on the bar or wall bars, 4×10-15

Day 3

  • Step on elevation, 4×10-12 (for each leg)
  • Leg retraction, 4×15-20
  • Reverse hyperextension, 4×15-20
  • Horizontal pull-ups, 4×10-15
  • Plank, 4×40-60 sec

Answers to frequently asked questions

What time is better to do – in the morning or in the evening?

It depends only on your schedule, biorhythms and other individual factors. The effectiveness of training does not depend on the time of day. In the summer, however, you should not practice under the scorching sun, so it is better to do it in the early morning or after 7-8 o’clock in the evening. Also adjust your diet so that between meals and exercise was an interval of 1.5-2 hours.

Are outdoor trainers effective for pumping muscles?

If you’re new, yes. Most of such simulators are intended, first of all, for children, and the load in them is gentle. But for a girl who does not have experience in strength training, this will be quite enough. To be limited only to such simulators is not worth it – few sports grounds can boast a set of machines with which you can work out all the muscles.

Woman after workout
Woman after workout


If your goal is to increase muscle volume, and you already have some experience in working with “iron”, it is unlikely that exercising on the street with minimal equipment will somehow “surprise” your muscles and contribute to progress. But for losing weight and maintaining good fitness in the open air is an excellent choice. They will not only benefit the figure and health, but also give you a lot of positive emotions.