Increase in muscle mass with a horizontal bar

Increase in muscle mass with a horizontal bar
Pulling on the bar is one of the most common exercises used by athletes to increase muscle mass. But this way of maintaining the body in a tone is popular not only among the pros. Anyone caring about health and beauty has the opportunity to overcome this kind of physical activity. In this you will help the scheme of pull-ups on the bar.

Not only professional athletes want to look attractive, having strong muscles. Any man has ever thought about more developed muscles, but not everyone has the opportunity to attend a sports club or a fitness center. And pulling on the bar is available even for beginner bodybuilders.

Advantages of pull-upspectoral muscles;

Of all types of physical activity, pulling up on the bar is distinguished by the fact that it trains at once six types of muscles:

  • biceps;
  • abdominal muscles;
  • the widest back muscles
  • muscles of forearms;
  • brachialis (brachial muscle).

And the way the grip affects what kind of muscle group you want to increase.

The further apart are the arms on the crossbar, the better the group of the widest muscles of the back develops. A close arrangement of the hands gives a load on the biceps and triceps. And the ideal grip for the development of all six types of muscles – 10 cm farther from the width of the shoulders.

scheme of pull-ups
The high efficiency of these exercises allows for 30 days to achieve the same results as for three months of intensive training in the gym. Another plus is good for the spine. Thanks to sagging and stretching for 10-15 lessons, you can eliminate sharp pains with osteochondrosis and other diseases.

How to do it right?

In modern cities there are many sports grounds and stadiums, equipped with a variety of simulators. They are available to everyone who has the desire to give 10-15 minutes a day to their bodies. And a horizontal bar is the most common device. In addition, it can easily be installed in an apartment or house. To do this, you either need to buy a crossbar, or you can make it yourself if you have the necessary skills.

But to find a horizontal bar is half the battle. The main thing is how you will conduct training. For beginners it will be useful to learn how to do the exercises correctly in order to get the best result. In any sport, technique is important, it will be discussed later.

There are three types of pull-ups:

  • Classical – The grip of the crossbar is made by the palms on top. The arms are 10 cm farther than the width of the shoulders.
  • Backward – grip from below, palms unfolded to the body. Hands at shoulder width or 10 cm already.
  • Neutral – performed on a special horizontal bar having at the ends of bars with a distance of 30-40 cm from each other.

Professional athletes use them all, alternating approaches: one set – a classic grip, the second – the reverse, the third – neutral. For beginners, too, schemes have been developed that include alternation of species, but if you are comfortable using any one – nothing terrible, you can train only in this way.

So, we considered the method of grasping, discuss the position of the body during the exercise. It is necessary to hang on the crossbar, hands are straight, muscles are relaxed. After inhaling, pull your hands to the crossbar so that the chin is behind her. The body should bend backwards. Lower slowly, breathing out.

Many beginners are embarrassed to engage in the sight of others, preferring single training. But in this way there is one weighty minus – you will not see how to properly implement the technique. Yes, at first you will stand out, but in a few weeks the performance will improve due to observation and imitation of the movements of more experienced guys.

At the first training sessions, a person with poor physical development will need a person who will support and help. Although the first function can replace a special tourniquet, which is sold in a sports shop.

Where to begin?

For muscle growth, pulling on the bar is one of the available exercises. In order to engage in this type of training is not required special training, you can start almost from scratch. The most common is the scheme of pull-ups, providingI increase the total number of exercises to 30 or more times in 30 weeks.

This scheme is popular among beginners, but it is quite difficult to load. If you have bad endurance, it is better to resort to a more gentle way of training muscles, since this is designed for one day off per week. Not every person is able to withstand such loads, but the opportunity to increase the amount of muscle for 30 weeks motivates many to choose this particular method.


As you can see from the table, the exercises are designed to increase every day by one pull-up in the approach. In total there are five approaches, a respite between them should be 2-3 minutes. If you feel that you can do more, then increase the number, but without much sacrifice. Conversely, if there is no strength, it is better not to overwork (to avoid injury) and even allow one or two days to rest.

Suspend the lesson if you are sick or have an injury. It is better to miss 10-15 days than to go to bed for a month or more from the results of your own negligence. After a long break, it’s best to start your workouts first. If the break was short-lived, then we start from the place in the scheme where we stopped.

In this way, you will catch up 15 times in one approach after 15 weeks. And this, admit, is a serious achievement. Within a month, the result of muscle growth will be evident. And in 30 weeks, with enhanced training, you can achieve 80 pull-ups for five approaches. And this is not the limit, each person is unique and your personal result can be greater. Having given 15-20 minutes a day for training, you can not only increase the amount of muscles in your back and hands, but become more confident.

For more experienced

Do you have good sports training, but not a very developed group of back muscles? Suitable so-called army way. If you are already tightening 10-15 times, then the essence of training is to set records: with each next exercise increase the total number of pull-ups.

And it does not matter how many sets there are, and how you do it, every day – a new figure. But without fanaticism, count your forces correctly. A month later you will feel the obvious result. In addition to excellent musculature, endurance will increase, you will be drawn 30 times or more.

types of pull-ups

But the most experienced bodybuilders use a system that alternates between different types of grip. A few weeks only one, then another, then a third. The interval should be the same, ideally from 10-15 days to a month. After the cycle there is a month of mixed training – every day a new grip. But this is for experienced athletes, beginners should not use this method.

As we see, pull-ups on the bar – a universal way to increase muscle mass and improve the body for both beginners and masters of their craft. If you pick the right load and accurately follow the technical side, you can achieve the result in a short time.


The information published on this website is a reference. Before using it in practice, always consult a doctor.