How to pump up a relief ab muscles | Abs workout to get six pack

How to pump up a relief ab muscles | Abs workout to get six pack

How to pump up a relief ab muscles is the most popular issue of people who have a high percentage of fat in the abdomen.

Before learning the basic training complex and exercises for pumping coveted six pack, you need to undergo a minimal course of anatomy and find out what is hidden under a thick layer of fat on your stomach.

Physiological structure and features of abdominal muscles?

Reconstruction of the abdomen involves the joint use of a correctly formulated system of training and diet. Often people forget about the importance of the second factor, because it is much easier to make several sets in the gym or at home in the hope of seeing six pack on the stomach than to observe a low-calorie diet for a long period.

Let’s start from the main for most people straight muscle belly, this is what you see on glossy magazines from professional bodybuilders and photomodels. In addition ab muscles are surrounded external oblique and internal oblique abdominal muscles. The first are seen in people who have excellent dryness, the outer oblique begin from the armpits and end in the lower abdomen. Visually they are visible and similar to the scratches left by the predatory animal.

Internal oblique muscles – there is no need to consider them, because they are located under external braids and even if you have a percentage of body fat of less than 5%, you will not be able to see them. You can simply note that the internal oblique muscles are located at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the outer oblique, and are antagonists of these muscles.

anatomy of abdominal muscles

Based on the aesthetics of the body, for us the most important is the straight muscle and the outer oblique, because it is these muscles that are viewed when the minimum amount of fat is in the human body.

What do you need to see the six pack on your stomach?

Often you can hear this: “No matter how hard I push the press, no matter how many exercises I do, the ab muscles still does not become more visible, although it hurts pretty well after each workout. I shake ab muscles 3 times a week, in each of the three exercises for 5 approaches, in each approach from 50 to 70 repetitions. Tell me, can I do something wrong?”

To begin with, let’s define immediately: the appearance of the abdominal muscles does not depend on the amount of work done on it, but it depends on the percentage of subcutaneous fat in your body. If your goal – the appearance on the ab muscles of six pack, or the amazed faces of the girls from the “presence” of six pack on your stomach, then you need to follow the rules given below:

  1. You need to review your food system – remove or reduce the consumption of the following foods: sugar, sweets, flour (you can leave bread from wholemeal bread), starchy carbohydrates, animal fats (fat, bacon, butter, cream). It is necessary to increase the daily amount of protein consumed by the following products: chicken lean, cottage cheese skim, cod fish, high-protein mixtures (with a protein content of 70 -80%) can be used. This will protect your muscles from destruction, due to reduced caloric content of food. By the way, it will be useful to read an article about the myths about the assimilation of the amount of protein at a time. Eat more vegetables.
  2. After strength training, do a 30-40 minute aerobic exercise (treadmill, bicycle ergometer, elliptical skier, you can use a rope). At the same time, make sure that the intensity of training is average, because instead of burning fats, you will begin to perform cardio training.
  3. To enhance the effect of fat burning, you can use L-carnitine or fat-burning agents. For these purposes still suitable: caffeine, ephedra, guarana extract. They should be consumed immediately before training.
  4. Also, for better burning of fats, and as a result of improving the appearance of the abdominal press, in order to reduce the fluid retention in the body, it is necessary to reduce the amount of salt or salt food consumed in food.
  5. If you want to improve the relief and tuberosity, remember that the abs is the same muscle as everyone else in your body. And to increase its volume, you need to do the same as with the rest of the muscles. Namely, swing like a biceps or back with approaches from 6 to 10 repetitions with heavy weight.

Those who have a lot of hypodermic fat, the complex of exercises will not help either this one or any other, here it is necessary to work in different directions to achieve results.

Now let’s continue in more detail our discussion on the topic: how to achieve a relief press?

Anatomy of the muscles of the press

It is this part of the abdominal cavity that we see, because the rectus muscle is superficial and protrudes outward. Around all, they only dream of becoming the owners of an excellent press, on this further action ends, as the quality of bestowal is said to be directly proportional to the quality of the presentation.

The structure of the abdominal muscles:

  • The long muscle, consisting of two halves, located on both sides of the abdomen;
  • In the middle of the abdomen there is a line that consists of tendons;
  • Line of tendons has a width of 2 cm and lasts along the entire abdomen, starting from the pubis, and ends near the chest.

It should be noted that on the outside of the abdominal cavity there are still bundles of tendons crossing the rectus perpendicular to the location of the main muscle fibers. It is this intertwining of fibers and tendons that we observe on our stomachs under the guise of a washing board.


abdominal muscles


Now it becomes more clear that the main emphasis should be on one muscle, which will always work together, unlike other muscle structures. This is an important point for practical training of any part of the body. For example, when you bring a bottle of water to your mouth to quench your thirst, the whole bicep, not its individual parts, is cut. A similar contraction occurs also in the rectus abdominis muscle when you perform twisting motion with the body.

An important point that must be read with special thoughtfulness so as not to repeat the mistakes of other people in the future. Almost every instructor tells you that you can pump up the abdomen first, then down or vice versa, absolutely without problems.

“You better remember once and do not repeat useless actions: in nature there are no exercises that can load a specific part of the muscle. A straight muscle can only be in two states: relaxed or shortened “

Naturally, there are many exercises for the press, in which you change the motion vector and slightly shift the focus to a certain part of the muscle. It should be noted that only professional bodybuilders need to work on the abs at different angles, for a common man in the gym, this turns into a completely useless occupation.

The foregoing is explained simply: “The load with an accented exercise of the exercise on a certain part of the rectus muscle has a displacement angle of no more than 1-3%” The difference is so minimal that you simply will not feel it. The abs in its physiological structure is one muscle that can not be worked out only in certain places. Performing any exercise, the abdominal muscles are included in the work at 100%, with a small deviation vector in a certain part of no more than 3%.

Touching the topic of how to pump up a relief abs can not get around the question, why, under intensive work, the bottom of the abs is lagging behind in 90% of cases?

For men to develop and work the bottom is quite difficult for two reasons, for women in three:

  1. If you understand the anatomical point of view, in the lower abdomen there is simply nothing to train. From a physiological point of view, the straight muscle is maximally developed in the upper part, beginning from the navel and ending with the thoracic region, at the attachment site near the pubis the muscle is formed from a thin tissue.
  2. Even visually clearly visible advantage of the upper press. This physiological superiority is simply necessary to provide functionality to the body and perform twisting work. That is why the top of the ab muscles is more adapted to the intensive load than the lower part of it.
  3. Nature has taken care of the beautiful half of humanity, and to reduce pain during the menstrual cycle, the lower abdomen of the woman has a decreased sensitivity and fewer nerve endings than men. That is why the lower part of the ab muscles in women is poorly served by intensive training.

The received knowledge can be effectively applied at drawing up of a training complex, but it is necessary to enumerate some conclusions now:

  1. The abs is always fully engaged in the work and is reduced along the entire length, regardless of the chosen exercise.
  2. The bottom of the ab muscles to develop and qualitatively load is much more difficult than the upper part of it.
  3. Remember that there is no need to use many exercises while training the abdominal muscles.
  4. If the lower ab muscles are accented to train, even the upper muscle will receive a uniform load.

How to pump the abs up to the topography and what needs to be done for this?

To form a relief ab muscles you need to solve only two problems. First, get rid of excess fat in the abdomen. Secondly, you need to increase the size of the rectus muscle by building additional muscle tissue. Having completed these two tasks, you are guaranteed to make your ab muscles embossed and powerful to envy all people who have a two-meter waist.


exercises for training abdominals


Diet for the relief press!

To have a fat burning, you need to follow a low-carb diet. It should be understood that getting rid of fat is a biochemical process that promotes the cleavage of triglycerides into fatty acids. That is why subcutaneous fat can not be shaken, crushed, melt, or squeezed out of its cellular structure.

Starting from the above, it is possible to say with certainty 100% that any physiotherapeutic procedures: bath, massage and others, do not burn subcutaneous fat. These activities are designed to address two specific tasks:

  • Improved blood saturation of fat cells;
  • Increase – microcirculation in the muscle fibers.

Do not believe newfangled advertisements and friendly beauty salon administrators that the above activities can save you from subcutaneous fat. Only a low-calorie diet, with which you will disperse the asleep metabolism and make the body use fat as an expendable material for the life support of the muscular structure and internal organs.

Exercises for the relief of the press!

We will open a secret to you to build up the muscles of the ab muscles they need to train like, and other parts of the body. However, choosing the right exercises for training a straight muscle is much easier than for a bulk muscle group. Because it performs a fairly simple twisting function. Understanding this makes it possible to exclude from the training system 80% of the exercises used for the press. Select the most effective exercises for the ab muscles can be from the list, if there is a desire to diversify the training.

The main functional features of the rectus muscle:

  • Direct pulling the top of the body downwards;
  • Or twisting the pelvis to the torso.

That is why it is necessary to select exercises that will most accurately repeat the functional capacity of the rectus muscle and the above described motion vector. Two exercises fall into this category:


1. LATCHES FOR LEGS – this is the basic exercise for the development of the press. If you have problems with a permanent lack of time, use this exercise only, because the lying down allows you to cut the ab muscles to the maximum amplitude of motion. There are many options for doing the exercise:

  • The Romain chair;
  • Lying on the floor;
  • Or using an incline bench.

Accordingly, the lower your torso is placed with respect to the legs, the greater the load on the rectus abdominis muscle, the performance becomes more complicated and the amplitude of movement increases.

Complicated technique of performing the exercise to ensure maximum effect:

1. Leg position. A common and easy form of performing the exercise is the position of the body, lying on a horizontal surface, while the bent legs are on a hill.

To complicate the movement it is necessary to bend the legs on the floor without using an additional elevation. Consider one nuance, the further your heels are located from the buttocks, the more difficult and effective the exercise becomes.

2. The position of the hands. Most people use a light version of the exercise and have their hands closer to the stomach, which makes it possible to significantly ease the twisting moment.

Will try to gradually remove hands from the abdomen, placing them as the load increases first on the chest, behind the ears and the back of the head, the further the hands, the addition to perform the repetition.

3. The slope of the surface. Try to place the head and body below your relative pelvis, this will help to achieve a good burning during the execution of twists.
We want to give you some good advice, if you put a platen or a pillow under your waist during the exercise, you can increase the amplitude of movement and contraction of the rectus abdominis muscle. To ensure growth, constantly complicate the twisting lying methods described above, alternating more simple with complex and vice versa.

2. REVERSE STRINGS – this is a completely opposite and inverted way to work out the straight muscle with respect to ordinary lying twists. In this exercise, the pelvis is already twisted in relation to the human torso. It is for this reason that there is an opinion that such a movement is working through the bottom of the press. Surely each of you knows more than one way of doing the above exercise: lifting the legs lying on the floor, hanging on the crossbar with a powerful movement to present the legs to the head – it’s all the reverse twisting and their various modifications.

1. It is necessary to sit on the floor so that at the level of your forehead there is a support for hands. This will ensure a good fixation of the trunk and reproduction of twisting movements only due to the vertical operation of the hips.

For example, a good support can serve as the edge of the bed, the whole point is to well rest your hands. If this is neglected, you will not be able to lift the pelvis up vertically.


pump up a relief press


2. The main task in performing twists is to raise the pelvis in an upright position. Remember not the legs, but the pelvis. Many coaches make a common mistake, and advise their wards to raise their legs directly to the body, forgetting that the functional features of the straight muscle does not include lifting the legs. Remember once and for all, the main function of our ab muscles is the lifting and twisting of the pelvis from different positions.

Then there is a completely logical question, why load direct muscle indirectly, if it can be done accentuated with a pelvis. Of course, the legs will rise slightly when performing repetitions, most importantly, do not aggravate, as do 90% of those practicing in the gym.

3. When you have taken a comfortable position on the floor, you need to forget about your legs and concentrate completely on lifting the pelvis. To ensure a maximum concentration, you can bend your legs in your lap.

Difficulties and technical nuances when doing reverse twists!

1. Leg position. The complicated version of twisting is that it is necessary to straighten the legs and keep the heels away from the pelvis. If you are just starting to practice this exercise, use a light version of it and bend your knees as much as possible and bring them closer to your chest.

2. The slope of the surface. If your body is located much higher than the pelvis (lying on an incline bench) – this will complicate the performance of twists due to the large amplitude of motion. And of course, the low location of the body – greatly facilitate the twisting effect, due to a smaller amplitude of motion. That’s why it’s hard to bring your feet to your head on the crossbar.

Training ab muscles on the terrain!

In most cases, it is recommended that the training abs be voluminous and high-intensity, the more often – the better, the motto of all instructors of gyms. They explain this by the fact that the rectus abdominis muscle is able to recover quickly. There is no unequivocal answer here, it all depends how good you are, you can work out the muscles of the press.

Program for the development of impressive six pack on the stomach:

  1. It is necessary to apply the classical scheme and to train the fast muscle fibers of the rectus abdominis muscle.
  2. Perform for each exercise for 4 sets and try to achieve a burning sensation within a 30-second range. It is this interval that contributes to the better development of the press.  
  3. Always make the full range of motion and accelerate to maximize the press. Quick execution of the exercise will deplete the energy reserves and maximally tire the muscle, this will allow to achieve failure and burning.
  4. Rest between sets should not exceed 60 seconds.

The first pattern of training:

1. Twisting in a lying position 4 sets – Perform up to 50 repetitions, with the failure to reach within 30 seconds.

2. Lifting the legs on the crossbar 4 sets – up to 15 repetitions.

Second training scheme:

1. Lying on the back lifting the pelvis 4 sets – up to 15 repetitions.
2. Press on the Roman chair 4 sets – up to 15 repetitions.   

Choose one of the above schemes and train abs no more than 3 times a week, this is quite enough. All training will take no more than 10 minutes, but eventually you will notice the fruits of your painstaking work. Use our recommendations and surprise everyone around with a relief and muscular press.