Exercises for shaping

Exercises for shaping

Another well-known trend in rhythmic gymnastics is shaping. This sport allows you to sculpt the ideal shape of your body. We will understand most in the meaning of the word shaping, and also tell you about the main differences between shaping from aerobics and fitness.

Features of shaping

Shaping is a technique of purposeful change of a figure and improvement of an organism of the woman, including a special program of physical exercises and a suitable food system. For women of any age, with different sports training, shaping allows the complex implementation of all the directions of plastic transformation of the body: increase or decrease the volume of muscle tissue, reduce the body fat, etc.
The main advantage of shaping – this is an individual approach to each student, even if the classes are held in a group. Practically all muscle groups are trained during the training, which form the most important parts of the body for a woman: the waist, chest, hips and buttocks.
To train in this sport discipline, specialists developed many training complexes. but all shaping exercises can be conditionally divided into two levels. The first is exercises that cover working with the upper body: press, back, arms, chest and neck. The second includes complexes that allow you to correct the problem areas in the lower part: legs, hips, buttocks.

shaping exercises

Difference from aerobics and fitness

The differences lie in the names: shaping  – this is a class for careful muscle training. The first stage of shaping exercises – catabolic, involves the burning of fatty deposits, and the second stage – an anabolic, actually the development of muscles, by repeated (from 30 to 200) rhythmic repetitions of exercises in order to adjust certain areas of the body.

What is fitness? Fitness is a popular and fashionable sport that came to us from abroad. Fitness is called a kind of assortment, which consists of physical exercises, rhythmic gymnastics and training on simulators. It is assorted and is the key to the success of this sporting trend, which helps to keep the excellent shape of all muscle groups without exception. Fitness is relevant for people active, young and alive.

Aerobics  – it is, above all, respiratory practice, like yoga. Correct breathing in aerobics is stated in order to saturate the body with oxygen during exercise, to “start” oxidative processes in tissues and to accelerate the burning of extra grams and kilograms. Aerobics can take place not only in the form of a monotonous repetition of exercises, but also in the form of dance, running, and even a moving game.

Aerobics is aimed not so much at correcting the figure (for example, do not expect that it will be possible to quickly burn the subcutaneous fat that spoils the figure, or pump up muscles), but for the overall improvement of the body and a rise in vitality. Be engaged in aerobics, you will feel much more cheerful than before. The difference between shaping and fitness is that fitness helps to adjust the figure through various kinds of load on the muscles, forcing them to work. The result is a uniform correction of the figure.
At shaping absolutely other purpose – strictly directed figure correction. That is, not a general correction, as in fitness, but correction of those areas of the body that need this (they are usually called problematic).


Basic shaping exercises

Exercise 1- Exercise for the back

Lie down on the floor face down, hands pull up and also put on the floor. Hands should be 30 degrees with the body. In other words, your body with arms outstretched should look like the English letter Y. The palms of the right and left hands look at each other.
Staying in this position, raise your arms outstretched as far as you can.

Exercise 2- Exercises for the press

We advise you to put a towel wrapped in a tube under your waist, especially if you do exercises for the upper press on the floor, and not on the rug. You lie on your back, your legs are bent at the knees and stand on the floor, hands behind your head. Lift the case from this position and stay at the top for a few seconds. The roller of the towel in this case helps not to overstrain the back.
2 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

Exercise 3- Thigh Extension

A good set of exercises for the buttocks always includes exercises, in parallel, giving a load on the press. This exercise is just like that.
Lie on the floor on your back, stretch your arms out to the sides, bend your right leg in the knee, pull out the left leg and lift it to a small height above the floor.
Raise your straightened leg and hips so that your body forms a straight line. Quit in this position, then slowly fall into the starting position.
Repeat 8-10 times with one leg, then change the position.

Exercise 4- “Pistol”

The starting position. Lying on the back, legs bent at the knees, heels rest on the floor, hands along the body, palms up.
Putting your hands on the floor, raise the hip until the upper part of the body and hips form one line. Again, lower the body almost to the floor.
Holding the pelvis in the raised position, alternately straighten that one or the other leg. In this case, the hips are parallel to each other. The pelvis remains elevated.
We raise the pelvis and one leg. We bend and unbend this leg in the air. Exercises 2 and 3 are performed first with one foot, then the other. Important: The hips are tense, the pelvis is parallel to the floor.
Do 2-3 approaches 4-8 times

Exercise 5 Exercises for the waist and sides

We sit down on the floor. Raise your legs and arms, so that the angle between them is about 90 degrees. We stay in this position for 10-15 seconds and lower our legs. We repeat about 10 times.

basic shaping exercises

Tips for doing exercises

  • Before classes it is desirable do not eat heavy calories, and after classes – starve for another 3 hours.
  • In no case do not wear too much clothes on yourself, in order to lose weight as quickly as possible. You can not lose weight anyway, but you are guaranteed overheating of the body and worsening of health.
  • If you are new to shaping and generally in sports, Do not overload yourself in the first lesson. Increase the load gradually, as your stamina increases.