Callanetics for beginners. 5 tips | Сallanetics exercises

Callanetics for beginners. 5 tips | Сallanetics exercises

This complex is attributed to the magical properties of the body’s rejuvenation. It is based on static movements. And more precisely, in postures from yoga – asanas, which cause the metabolism of a person to accelerate. It’s about callanetics. More about the system of exercises, we’ll talk about in this article.

Callanetics Is a complex of gymnastic and aerobic exercises. It was developed in America.

The creator of callanetics is a doctor Callan Pinkney – has developed a system of exercises (later named in her honor) to get rid of the shortcomings of her figure (including she danced and danced).

The system consists of static movements, which shorten and stretch the muscles.

It is based on asanas from yoga.

Benefits Сallanetics

  • Simultaneous incorporation into work a huge number of muscles imitate basic movements. In this case, the body spends a large number of calories, which promotes weight loss.
  • Another plus of the callanetiks: corrected posture and prevented osteochondrosis. 2-3 months of regular training – and most people note improvement in well-being and posture.
  • Another advantage is that lack of special equipment.
  • This allows you to deal with callanetics as at home, and in the gym.
  • In addition, the complex of exercises can boast of low trauma danger, because the absence of sudden movements does not harm your joints. A well-known fact is that injuries often occur precisely because of an incorrect load on the joints.

According to the recommendations of the author of the technique, for the entry-level women will 3 workouts are enough in Week.


Contraindications Сallanetics

Unfortunately, there are also contraindications. Therefore, read them carefully.

  1. Women are not worth it excessively get involved in callanetics – this can harm their body. It is assumed that you already have sufficient experience in this or that sporting activity.
  2. At the very least you should study in parallel fitness or any other physical activity.
  3. Otherwise, the burden on not too prepared organism can be overwhelming.
  4. Also, the complex is not recommended for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system and bronchial asthma. The procedure can be harmful to health if you have serious problems with spine and musculoskeletal system.

Helps lose weight

  • A large number of simultaneously involved muscles strongly accelerates metabolism, which leads to faster fat burning.
  • Active breathing allows you to saturate the body with oxygen, this in turn and allows fat cells to oxidize and burn.
  • The real result is observed after 4-5 weeks regular intensive training.


Let’s note a stereotype according to which employment by callanetics is much more effective than aerobics. There is no scientific evidence for this statement. Despite this, a set of 29 exercises has the necessary efficiency for weight loss.

The main method is quite simple – the rejection of sudden movements. Only calm breathing, static poses and even load on different muscle groups.

Each exercise is a pose that you will keep for a certain period of time. It is necessary to diversify the exercises: in one training take from 7th before 11-12 poses, but they must be significantly different

benefits callanetics


However, be careful: misuse of callanetics or excessive enthusiasm for it can lead to disastrous consequences. That’s why, if you want to practice this technique, try to find a suitable hall, center or section.

At the initial stage, the duration of the training is approximately 50-60 minutes. Increase the intensity gradually, as well as the duration of the loads.

Add about 5% weekly loads. Do not do the exercises at the limit of their abilities. After increasing the number of trainings per week, their duration will need to be halved.

In general, with certainty you can say: with the help of callanetics you will lose weight. However, do not forget about other components, such as diet and healthy sleep.

Here are some examples of exercises for beginners:

Exercise 1

Sit in a hard chair. Rise, leaning on the armrests. Keep your back straight, lift your chin. Exercise helps relieve tension from the gluteal muscles.

Exercise 2

The starting position is standing, the legs are placed 35-40 cm apart. Raise your hands as high as you can. Strain the belly as much as possible and “grow” upwards. Now bend your knees and begin to pull your hands forward. Bend forward and stand in this position for one minute. Pull the chin forward, and take your hands back. Repeat the exercise 5 times.

Exercise 3

Stand up, straighten your back. Raise your hands to the level of the shoulders palms up. Try to turn the palms as hard as possible, so that the muscles during this exercise are maximally worked through. Take your hands back, but without effort. Slowly move your shoulders. Touch fingers behind your back, without bending your elbows. Repeat 50-100 times. The effect is a straight posture, a tightened chest, relaxed between the shoulder blades of the muscle.